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Optical fiber fusion machine reflector wipes, cleaning cotton swab manufacturers


Optical fiber splicing machine mirror wiping rod, clean cotton swabs: a unique tool for cleaning the mirror of the welding machine. The material of the wiper head is cleaned in the cleaning room. Ideal size, very suitable for welding machine mirror cleaning. High adsorption power to remove dust and other stains. Does not contain viscose and binder, do not produce residue. Equally efficient as a solvent coating tool. Can be used in conjunction with Electro-Wash PX fiber cleaner to clean the stains that are difficult to remove. Bag and field wear-resistant transparent tubular packaging available for choice.

Application: used to clean the mirror of welding machine. Remove dust from the precise surface.

Cleaning steps: first we have a general understanding of the optical fiber splicing machine mirror wiping rod, cleaning cotton swab cleaning operation process, and then from each part of the step by step. 1. Clean V groove. 2, clean fiber press foot. 3. Clean windshield. 4, clean objective lens.

Note: you must not touch the shock rod while cleaning, and use more than 99% alcohol. V-groove: a special cleaning tool that can be cleaned with alcohol bars or bare fiber if not available. Air bags are generally used to blow air, but avoid blowing with mouth, which has moisture.

Clean V-groove: the upper and lower driving range of the core adjusting direction of the welding machine is only several tens microns, and any foreign body will make the optical fiber image deviate from the normal position, resulting in abnormal alignment. At this time to clean the V-slot.

The concrete process is as follows: 1. Lift the windshield of the welding machine. 2, open optical fiber pressure head and gripper press plate. 3. Wipe the V-groove with a cotton swab stick with anhydrous alcohol (or sharpen the toothpick) in one direction.

Note: avoid using hard materials to clean the V-groove or force on the V-groove, avoid bad V-groove or make V-groove out of alignment, resulting in the instrument can not be used normally.

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