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Barcode Label Convenient And Fast


Barcode Label Convenient And Fast

Bring up print barcode labels, I believe many people will think of using a barcode printer, but often because the office already has a regular printer and do not want to buy another barcode printer. Barcode Label If the print volume is really small, using the office of ordinary printers plus professional barcode software, can be achieved by printing barcode labels, but in case of large demand? I think you really need to have a professional, Barcode Label convenient and fast barcode printer. Barcode printer, Barcode Label as its name implies, is specifically used to print bar code machine, then it and ordinary printers what is the difference?

The first is the different way of printing, that is, the principle of work is not the same, Barcode Label which determines their scope of application. A barcode printer is printed on paper by means of a ribbon or heat-sensitive paper that prints the hot form of the hair. This type of printing allows it to continue to work at high speeds, Barcode Label even in unattended situations. Ordinary printers do not.

Then the printing speed is different from the quality of the printing, can be in the correct operation and good maintenance, bar code printer can be 24 hours a day non-stop work, Barcode Label do not limit the amount of printing. bar code printer printing speed is very fast, support serial number printing, you can save the user's previously edited label format, or call the database data, for batch, continuous printing. Barcode printers are printed in label units, and ordinary printers are printed in a single page, so the barcode printer is more suitable for enterprise printing barcode label use.

Also, the use of paper is different. Common printer is the most commonly used paper, such as A4 paper, small ticket paper, although it can be used bar code paper but its printing effect is not ideal, Barcode Label so generally will not do so, both wasteful and useless. and bar code printers are not subject to print material restrictions, you can print pet, copper paper, heat-sensitive paper stickers and polyester, PVC and other synthetic materials and washing standard cloth, such as the use of heat transfer printing text and graphics with scratch-proof effect, the use of special ribbon printing can also make printing products with waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, Barcode Label high temperature and so on.

In addition, the barcode printer printing precision is strong. The normal printer is to print the barcode as a complete image onto the label sheet. In this way, the scanning gun and other input equipment reading, it appears difficult inconvenient. Because the bar code "black and White" (or "strip"), Barcode Label based on their different width changes to represent information, so that the "black and white" the accuracy of their respective widths of bar code reading has a great impact. Only accurate accuracy can ensure the identification and reading of bar codes. This degree of accuracy is determined by the barcode software and related printers. Barcode Label Professional barcode Printing software is based on the accuracy of the printer and user-designed bar code data to calculate the width of black and white, Barcode Label and printers to use bar code printer. When printing through the printer's barcode production function to control, Barcode Label to ensure that the printed bar code and design of the bar code consistent. Ordinary printers cannot do this.

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