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Mediclean Technology is a visionary and innovative company specializes in design and manufacturing first class of Cleanroom Swabs, Technical Cleaning Kits, and Medical Serials. Cleanroom Swabs include 3 categories: Foam Swabs, Polyester Swabs, Microfiber Swabs. Technical Cleaning Kits include 4 categories: Cleaning Cards, Cleaning Pens and Cleaning Swabs, Adhesive Cleaning Cards and Adhesive Rollers, Cleaning Wipes. It is widely used on Card Printer, Thermal Printer, Inkjet Printer, Barcode Printer, Label Printer, Receipt Printer, Kiosk Printer, ATM, Card Reader, Bill Validator, Check Scanner, Currency Counter, etc. Medical Serials include: Foam Swabs, Sampling Flocked Swabs, Samplings...

Categories and Products

Cleanroom Swabs

Cleanroom Foam Swabs

Cleanroom Foam Swab FS707 Foam Swab Sticks Cleanroom Foam Swab FS708 Cleaning Swabs Cleanroom Foam Swab FS712 Sterile Swab Cleanroom Foam Swab FS740 Texwipe Compatible Cleanroom Foam Swab FS741 Foam Tipped Swab Cleanroom Foam Swab FS742 Contec Compatible Texwipe CleanFoam Compatible Swab FS746 Cleanroom Foam Swab FS750 Chemtronics Compatible Cleanroom Foam Swab FS751 Berkshire Compatible Cleanroom Foam Swab FS757 Superbrush Compatible 

Cleanroom Polyester Swabs

Cleanroom Polyester Swab PS707 CleanTips Cleanroom Polyester Swab PS714 Alpha Cleanroom Polyester Swab PS743 Absorbond Cleanroom Polyester Swab PS758 Texwipe Compatible Cleanroom Polyester Swab PS761 Coventry Compatible Cleanroom Polyester Fabric Swab PS766 Cleanroom Polyester Tipped Swab PS768 

Cleanroom Microfiber Swabs

Cleanroom Microfiber Micro Denier Swab MS707 Cleanroom Microfiber Microdenier Swab MS714 Cleanroom Microfiber Fabric Swab MS758 Cleanroom Microfiber Swab MS759 Chemtronic Cleanroom Microfiber Swab MS761 Texwipe TX761 Compatible Cleanroom Microfiber Swab MS766 CleanTip 

Card Printer Cleaning Kits

Zebra Cleaning Kits

Zebra Compatible 105999-400 Cleaning Supplies Zebra Card Printer Cleaning Kits 105912-003 Zebra Compatible 105909-169 Cleaning Supplies Zebra Compatible 104531-001 Card Printer Cleaning Kit Zebra 105909-057 Cleaning Foam Swabs IPA Snap Swab Zebra Compatible 105950-035 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible SCC-T156 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible AN11209-1 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible 105999-801 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible 105912-913 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible 105912-912 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible 105912-707 Cleaning Kits Zebra Compatible 105912-312 Zebra Cleaning Supplies 

Magicard Cleaning Kits

Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits N9003-564 Magicard Compatible 601100 Card Printer Cleaning Kit Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Supplies M9005-772/R Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits 3633-0054 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9006-409R Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9005-946 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9005-771/R Magicard Compatible CK1 Cleaning Kits Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9005-761 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9005-771 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits M9006-866 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits 3633-0081 Magicard Card Printer Cleaning Kits 3633-0053 Magicard Compatible Prima005 Retransfer Cleaning Kits 

Evolis Cleaning Kits

Evolis Compatible Cleaning Kits ACL002 Evolis Compatible ACL001 Cleaning Kit Evolis Compatible A5070 Cleaning Kit Evolis Cleaning Supplies Compatible A5004 Evolis Compatible Cleaning Kits ACL005 Evolis Compatible ACL003 Cleaning Kit Evolis Compatible A5024 Cleaning Kits Evolis A5003 Compatible Cleaning Kit Evolis Compatible A5002 Card Printer Cleaning Kit Evolis Compatible Cleaning Kits ACL004 Evolis Compatible A5021 Cleaning Supplies CR80 Cleaning Card Evolis Compatible A5011 Cleaning Supplies CR80 Cleaning Card 

Fargo Cleaning Kits

Fargo 86004 Compatible Cleaning Kit Fargo Compatible Cleaning Kits 81760 Adhesive Cleaning Cards Fargo Card Printer Cleaning Kits 85976 Cleaning Pads Fargo Cleaning Supplies 85650 Cleaning Pads Fargo Compatible 81593 Cleaning Kits Fargo Compatible 81518 Cleaning Kits Fargo Compatible Cleaning Kits 82133 CR80 Cleaning Card Fargo Compatible 44260 Cleaning Kit Fargo Compatible Cleaning Kits 89200 Cleaning Pads 

Datacard Cleaning Kits

Datacard Compatible 564729-164 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible CK-DCClean CR80 Cleaning Card Datacard Compatible 549717-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 549718-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 558436-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 557297-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 549716-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 590408-002 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 564729-166 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 552141-002 CR80 Cleaning Card Datacard Compatible 548714-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 557668-001 Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 549716-002 Cleaning Kit Datacard 557492-001 Compatible Cleaning Kit Datacard Compatible 569946-001 Cleaning Kit 

IDP Cleaning Kits

IDP Smart Card Printer Cleaning Kits 670119 IDP SMART Compatible 659008 Cleaning Kits IDP Smart Card Printer Cleaning Kits 659007 IDP Smart Compatible 670120 Card Printer Cleaning Kit IDP Smart Cleaning Foam Swabs IDP Smart Card Printer Cleaning Kits 659005 

Matica EDIsecure Cleaning Kits

Datacard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits EDI Secure Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits ESP Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits Maxicard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits Magicard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits JVC/DNP Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits EDI Secure CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits Maxicard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Cards Maxicard CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits Datacard CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits ESP CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits JVC/DNP CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits EDI Secure Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Card JVC/DNP Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Cards Magicard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Cards ESP Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Cards Datacard Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Cards Magicard CR80 Compatible Retransfer Cleaning Kits 

ESD Cleaning Swabs

ESD Anti-static Foam Swabs

ESD Anti-static Foam Swabs FS707 Foam Swab Sticks ESD Anti-static Cleanroom Foam Swab FS708 ESD Anti-static Cleanroom Foam Swab FS712 ESD Safe Foam Tip Swab FS740 Texwipe Compatible Anti-static Foam Tipped Swab FS741 Foam Swab ESD Cleanroom Foam Swabs FS742 Contec Compatible CleanFoam ESD Foam Swab Stick FS746 Texwipe Compatible ESD Cleaning Swabs FS750 Chemtronics Compatible ESD Anti-static Cleanroom Foam Swab FS751 Anti-static Cleaning Swab FS757 Superbrush Compatible 

ESD Anti-static Polyester Swabs

Anti-Static Swab Stick PS707 CleanTips Static Control Polyester Swab PS714 Alpha Static Dissipative Fabric Swab PS758 Texwipe Compatible ESD Static Control Swabs Polyester Fabric Swab PS766 Anti-static ESD Safe Polyester Swab PS768 ESD Safe Polyester Swab PS743 Absorbond Cleanroom Polyester Swabs PS761 Coventry Compatible 

ESD Anti-static Microfiber Swabs

ESD Safe Cleanroom Swabs Microfiber Swab MS707 ESD Cleaning Swabs Microdenier Swab MS714 ESD Anti-static Microfiber Swabs MS761 Texwipe TX761 ESD Cleaning Swabs Microfiber Swab MS766 CleanTip Anti-Static Swab Stick Microfiber Fabric Swab MS758 Microfiber Static Dissipative Swab MS759 Chemtronic 

Technical Cleaning Kits

Presaturated Cleaning Cards

Bill Validator Cleaning Card Bill Acceptor Flocked Cleaning Cards 65x185mm Bill Acceptor Flat Cleaning Cards 65x156mm CR80 Card Printer Cleaning Cards for Evolis Zebra Evolis Long T Cleaning Cards 326mm Magicard Long T Cleaning Cards 191mm Zebra Short T Cleaning Cards 156mm Zebra Long T Cleaning Cards 320mm Zebra Long T Cleaning Cards 390mm Bill Acceptor Flocked Cleaning Cards 85x185mm Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 2x6 Bill Acceptor Flocked Cleaning Cards 73x185mm Money Counter Cleaning Cards 3"x6.25" Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 4x6 Fargo Long I Cleaning Cards 293mm for HDP5000 Zebra Long T Cleaning Cards 330mm Magicard Long T Cleaning Cards 270mm Magicard Long T Cleaning Cards 360mm Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 2.5x6 Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 3x6 

IPA Printhead Cleaning Pens

IPA Printhead Cleaning Pens Thermal Printers 

IPA Presaturated Cleaning Swabs

IPA Presaturated Cleaning Swabs 

IPA Snap Swabs

IPA Snap Swabs 4.5" Self-saturated Cleaning Swabs 

IPA Cleaning Wipes

IPA Cleaning Wipes Nonwoven Presaturated Wet Wipes 

Adhesive Cleaning Cards

Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Cards 54x170mm Evolis Printers Adhesive Cleaning Cards 54x140mm Fargo Printers Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Cards 54x180mm Fargo Printers Large Adhesive Cleaning Card Matica EDI Printers CR80 Adhesive Cleaning Cards Matica EDI Card Printers Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Cards 54x140mm Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Cards 54x170mm Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Cards 54x180mm CR80 Adhesive Cleaning Cards For Matic Large Adhesive Cleaning Cards 85x150mm Small Adhesive Cleaning Cards for Evolis Card Printers 

Adhesive Cleaning Rollers

Zebra Black Adhesive Cleaning Sticky Rollers P320 P330 Magicard Cleaning Rollers for Avalon Tango Magicard Blue Adhesive Cleaning Rollers IDP Smart Black Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Roller Sleeves Datacard Cleaning Roller SD SP CD CP Datacard White Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Sleeves Select Magna Fargo Adhesive Sticky Cleaning Roller Sleeves DTC HDP5000 

Magnetic Head Cleaning Cards

ATM Magnetic Cleaning Card 

Cleaning By Equipment

EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Kits

Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 4x6mm Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 3x6mm Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 2.5x6mm IPA Snap Swabs 4.5 Self-saturated Cleaning Swabs Thermal Printer Printhead Cleaning Cards 2x6mm Printhead Cleaning Pens for Thermal Printers IPA Presaturated Cleaning Foam Swabs for Thermal Printhead 

EZ ATM Encoded Cleaning Cards

ATM Magnetic Stripe Encoder Cleaning Card ATM CR80 Cleaning Card Presaturated with IPA 

EZ Credit Card Reader Cleaning Cards

Credit Card Reader CR80 Cleaning Card 

EZ Bill Acceptor Cleaning Cards

Bill Validator Maintenance Cleaning Cards 65x156mm Bill Validator Flocked Cleaning Cards 65x185mm Bill Validator Flocked Cleaning Cards 73x185mm Bill Validator Flocked Cleaning Cards 85x185mm Bill Validator Maintenance Cleaning Cards 2.5x6 

EZ Check Scanner Cleaning Cards

Check Scanner Cleaning Cards 4"x6" for Digital Check Check Scanner Cleaning Cards 2.5"x6" for Panini Canon 

EZ Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards 3x6.25 

EZ Screen LCD Cleaning Kits

IPA Screen LCD Cleaning Wipes Presaturated Wet Wipes 

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